Industrial Hot and Cold Water Pressure Cleaning


Our high quality Hydro-Tek machine is engineered and manufactured for endurance - on all applications. Our hot water pressure washer produces its own hot water or steam, with the ability to control temperature from 0 to 130 degrees Celsius. It has a pressure output of 4000-6000 PSI. It has a variety of uses and is designed for domestic, commercial and industrial cleaning professionals - ensuring the job gets done quickly, conveniently and effectively.

Before and After Pressure Wash


Our stainless steel surface cleaner is far more efficient than a traditional pressure cleaner wand for a variety of reasons. It gives a more uniform clean with no streak marks, it cleans surfaces 10-20 times faster, it consumes less water and soap pre-treatment is not required. It has non-marking castor wheels on its base and its design contains excess water rather than having it spray in unwanted places.

5 metre lance to reach high Eaves


Our telescopic pressure washer lance has a 5.5 metre reach, allowing for high pressure cleaning on  hard to reach surfaces like gutters, eaves and second storey walls. There is no need for scaffolding or extension ladders, making house washing a breeze. The operator wears a harness which allows the lance and machine to be used to its full potential – safely.